Thanks For The Memories!!!


With deep deep love in our hearts for you, our listeners and friends….and 8+ years of wonderful Jazz memories, the directors of WGRV The Groove want to say “Thank You” for your loyalty and patronage.


After many wonderful years broadcasting from Melbourne on Florida’s Space Coast to the world…the directors of WGRV The Groove have made the very tough decision to cease operating at this time.


Even with the dedication of our wonderful all volunteer team (whom we love very much) donating hundreds of hours behind the scenes weekly…recent Health related issues and major life changes for our key people behind the scenes played a part of making this very very heartbreaking decision.



WGRV The Groove is a Spirit of “all that is good” within our community.  


The Groove has made a positive impact and a positive mark that will not be forgotten.


The Groove is especially grateful for the extremely talented Jazz musicians whose friendships we will cherish always.


We are thankful for the tens of thousands of you who attended the 8+ years of one-of-a-kind Groove events that helped put WGRV and Brevard County under the International Jazz spotlight attracting fans and performers from around the world who came here because of this radio station, it’s listeners, and the unmatched reputation we all created together.


Even though WGRV The Groove has a 7 year history of unprecedented success with the Wednesday Jazz events, To our surprise, our Groove Jazz at the Crowne Plaza has ended and will not return there in 2013.  


It was not The Groove’s decision not to have the Wednesday weekly Jazz events!!!  Since October of last year, with intention to lock in an 8th season of Jazz, The Groove has been requesting to meet with the Crowne Plaza general management (who has been through 3 management changes in the past several months)… Sadly, all of our requests have been unanswered. 


It’s even more shocking is… that after 7 successful years of partnership with the Crowne Plaza, the radio station was not even given the courtesy of a phone call to inform us that the jazz event would end, NOR the opportunity to restructure or work together in other ways.


Sadly, the news of the event ending was first heard from a couple local band members saying that the hotel was trying to hire them behind the backs of The Groove. 


For those emerging local and national musicians who have been recently asked to perform at this venue and who have said “No…not without The Groove”, we admire and appreciate your integrity.  The Groove hopes that You, our listeners and friends, will feel the same when making your entertainment choices.


Again we are especially thankful for the friendships and loyalty of those Jazz musicians who have performed for The Groove and who appreciated our 8 years of dedication towards bringing culture to this community and for understanding the value of having local radio to showcase their talent in a variety of settings.  


WGRV The Groove Jazz had tens of thousands of passionate listeners locally on 93.1 and 103.3 FM plus many more audio web streaming from around the world.  We will miss each of you!!!  Through our love of Contemporary Jazz music…we have shared a special bond, created memories, and experienced many joyous moments that will never be forgotten.


Unfortunately, with the loss of The Groove’s Wednesday Jazz event and the closing of a few of our sponsors…even with an all volunteer staff, the Overall monthly financial support from the remaining local business underwriters was not enough to maintain the basic operational costs of a listener-supported public radio station.


Much to our surprise many local businesses and professional offices played The Groove Jazz in their place of business (several have called and left messages since the station has gone off the air)…but yet when contacted, strangely they would not place underwriting announcements for their business on the station to show their support towards the very station they listened to every day.

One of the biggest disappointments has been during various fundraisers, when various businesses and individuals voluntarily called to pledge their support, but they never came through with sending their pledges….thus hurting our signal coverage and ability to maintain the operation. 


WGRV The Groove always said, as a listener supported operation, this station survived 100% on YOU!!!  


Even with The Groove’s huge daily listenership, locally and online, for some reason the support the station and Jazz music message did not touch the hearts of enough people to support regularly.  


MOST IMPORTANTLY  –  To those who have supported and followed through regularly over the years we “THANK YOU” and we wish to express our gratitude for always being there when The Groove needed you!!!  Your friendship, generosity, and understanding of public radio will always be very appreciated.  Remember YOU are the reason we have worked so hard and exhausted every avenue in an effort to keep this station alive.


Again we thank our entire Volunteer Groove Jazz team who have done all that is possible and then some from contributing your own money to devoting countless hours of free time over 8+ years to make this community a better place through this radio station….BLESS YOU!!!


The directors and volunteers understand your disappointment and share your frustration.  We don’t want to stop, Basically at this time we are out of ideas and enough resources.


WGRV The Groove (nationally nominated twice as one of the Top 5 Jazz stations in the country) will now join a long list of Contemporary Jazz radio stations that have disappeared from America’s airwaves as it’s latest causality.  Over 40 Jazz radio stations, in a variety of big and small cities, have disappeared during the past few years…jeopardizing the Smooth Contemporary Jazz formats viability and survivability as we know it.  


Having an independent local radio station like WGRV The Groove…gave “you” the Jazz listening public a programming choice that the big media conglomerates continue to ignore and an adult demographic they seem to not want.  


Although this news is disheartening, we want you to know that our volunteer Groove team will not give up!!!  We will always look for ways to bring Contemporary Jazz back to local radio OR to find ways to team-up with others to promote in “Groove Style” this wonderful format that is filled with so many talented musicians whom we are proud to call friends.  

We encourage you to support these Jazz artists so that they will continue to share their talents and bring us music we all enjoy.  And from time to time, we hope that you will remember a Groove treasured moment and smile!

When an opportunity arises to bring everyone together once again, and you get notified…for the future of the Jazz that we all love, We hope that we can count on your GROOVE support again to attend.    


Our Jazz paths will cross again someday.  


We Love You All….Now and Forever!!!  


Thank You for the memories!!!

With Jazz in our Hearts Always,

The Groove Jazz Team – WGRV



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